Ages / Bunk Division

CGI Junior Division Camp, ages 6-8 
CGI Main Division, ages 9-11
CGI Oldest Division, ages 12-13

Our Staff

Our motto is - Made from the Best “Staff” on Earth

The real secret to CGI is the expertise, reputation and experience of its staff members, who have been running Gan Israel day camps around the US and internationally for many years. Our counselors are known for their personal warmth and their ability to care for each child as an individual.  Our counselors are highly dedicated. Each counselor is a role model for your child, offering him/her a friendship that will last forever. The counselors' love for the children is surpassed perhaps only by the children's love for them.

BOYS Learning Teachers - Each learning teacher is accompanied by a junior counselor
Junior Division - ages 6-8 - Rabbi Shusterman, San Leandro
Main Division -ages 9-11 -  Rabbi Edelman, Roseville 
Oldest Division - ages 12-13 - Rabbi Zaklos, Vacaville

GIRLS Learning Teachers - Our counselors will be traveling from NY and will be coming in two weeks early and quarantining.
Junior Division - ages 5-6 Aidy Freedman, Argentina
Main Division - ages 7-9 Doba Brikman, New York
Oldest Division ages 10-13- Chana Kosofsky, New York