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Friday Evening, Jan. 25, join us for a unique "Israeli Shabbat" dinner, with a taste of Iraq, at Chabad 1144 Vintage Ct, Vacaville in honor of Tu B'Shvat.

A fellow Israeli community member whose family originates from Iraq, Mr. Shlomo Ovaide, will be treating us to a delightful Friday night dinner featuring an authentic Israeli Salad Bar, Iraqui main dishes, and a dessert buffet of the fruits of israel & sweets in honor of Tu B'shvat, the New Year for Trees.  See Detailed Menu Below.

Shlomo & Doreen who frequently visit Israel, will share with us about their love for Israel. Joining us for dinner are also special guests, Dr. Larry Wanetick formely of Vacaville, Rabbi Yosef Langer of S. Francisco, & the Bond Family -  who are sponsoring the dinner in loving memory of Mr. Bruce Bond - and will tell of some wonderful memories.

I am certain you will also enjoy the special vibrancy and warmth that always permeates the community dinners at Chabad. All are welcome at no charge.  Services will be at 6 PM and prayers will be offered for the safety of our brothers in Israel and Kaddish will be recited, followed by dinner at 6:30.

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Appetizers: Onion Challah, Pita, Israeli Pickles and Olives
Salad: Eggplant Salad, Matbucha, Humus, Tahina, Spicy Fish Salad
Main Course: Kubah Orez (fried rice stuffed with meat), Kubah Potato (Fried potato stuffed with chicken), Israeli Salad.
Dessert: Pomegranate Pear Cake, figs, dates, grapes.