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RSVP preferred by Monday, April 15. 

"Italian Style" Community Shabbos Dinner

Sponsored by community members, Vince and Shana McLaughlin-Faber

Friday eve, April 19,2013. 6:30PM Services - 7:00 PM Dinner
At Chabad 1144 Vintage Ct 

Gourmet Authentic Italian Dishes will be prepared by Italian-born Chabad Rebbetzin of Davis, Mrs. Sorele Brownstein, who is scheduled to join us with her family for Shabbat and share her childhood life experiences growing up in Italy.

Pellegrino &
Selection of Italian Wine

Crema di melanzana (Cream of eggplant)
Grissini & Pizzettes (Bread Sticks and mini vegetarian Pizzas)
Peperonata (Pepper Salad)

First Course:
Pesce Impannato (Fried Fish) with Fresh lemon
Insalata Fresca (Fresh Salad)
Pasta al Pesto (Pesto Pasta)

Second Course
Zuppa di Minestrone (Minestrone Soup)

Main Course:
Risotto Milanese (Italian Rice)
Lasagna (Meat)
Fagiolini (Green Beans)


To volunteer your time or purchase something needed for the dinner please contact us by clicking here