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Coming Soon: Northen California Shabbat Style Dinner with Scholar in Residence Rabbi Dov Greenberg July 19th, 2013

Dinner is open to the community, free of charge, thanks to the generosity of Drs. Gary and Jana Stein.

The dinner will be prepared with the help of Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Silberstein.  Menu includes a delicious full course gourmet Shabbat dinner, all prepared using seasonal, local produce, enjoying Vacaville Harvest.

1. Home baked whole wheat (herb) challah & Killer Eggplant Dip
2. Gravad lox  
3. Chilled Gazpacho
4. Sliced fresh tomatoes and cucumbers with vinaigrette.
5. Carrot Dill Salad  
6. Chicken Marengo  
7. Potato Kugel
8. Green Beans
9. Fresh strawberries, Babka & Rugelach

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Bio:  Rabbi Dov Greenberg has lectured throughout the United States, Israel, Europe & Canada. He is the executive director of the Rohr Chabad House, a Jewish Student Center at Stanford University. His essays on contemporary issues appear with regularity in newspapers and are read by many on the internet.Rabbi Greenberg is one of the “online rabbis” of the international He lives with his family in Palo Alto, Ca.