Changing Jewish Destiny


This is your moment to hold hands across the generations, to ensure a Jewish future that is spiritual and meaningful. This is your moment to leave a Jewish legacy.

Chabad is a philosophy, a movement, and an organization. It is considered to be the most dynamic force in Jewish life today. Chabad is found at every major university across the world, providing a safe and welcoming environment for college students away from home. The Jewish Learning Institute, the world’s largest adult educational program, has revolutionized adult Jewish learning. CTeen brings together high school students from around the world to enrich and inspire their Jewish identity. The Friendship Circle provides children with special needs a full range of social, recreational, educational and Judaic experiences. In addition, the Friendship Circle provides their parents with respite and support.

Our “Chabad of Solano County's Center for Jewish Life” is a synagogue, but more importantly, it is a place of learning. We welcome all people, with the knowledge that understanding Jewish culture, traditions, and life goes a very long way to dispel stereotypes, and increase tolerance and inclusion. What happens with Chabad of Solano County’s Center for Jewish Life is important to all citizens of Solano County – our greater community-at-large.

Now it is your turn to lead us FORWARD.

Planned giving builds Judaism where it is needed most, in our local community. From preschool to day school, visiting the sick or comforting the poor, this is your moment to make a significant and lasting difference. Join with us through the loving act of planned giving by leading our community to a strong and vibrant future. This is your Moment.

Focused on every step of the Jewish life cycle, Chabad of Solano County will use your planned gift to safeguard our Jewish community, and ensure our local Jewish future, knowing that you and your support of Chabad lives forever. Please let us know of your intention to leave a planned gift, so we can properly recognize you as a member of the Jewish Legacy Society.