Order your Solano Seder-to-go today!

Package Includes:

  1. Silver Seder plate
  2. Food items for the seder plate
  3. Kiddush cup and tray
  4. 3 shmura matzahs
  5. Beautiful color-illustrated English Hebrew Hagaddah
  6. Seder stories and inspiration.
    DINNER INCLUDES: Chicken & Brisket, potato kugel, vegetable medley, gefilte fish and salad.

Please indicate in note whether you would like grape juice, sweet wine or dry wine!

It will be ready Wednesday, April 5 12 PM for pick up at Chabad 730 E. Main St., Vacaville.
Limited delivery option available upon request.

If needed, please fill out the form below and choose the 'no charge' option under 'card type' (and indicate in notes) to order your Seder-to-go at no charge!