My G‑d, November 2022

Initially I was unsure if I wanted to join this class. I’m so very glad I did. The book is excellent and Rabbi’s review of the topic and further insights is wonderful.
These are issues that many of us think about, and question, but rarely devote time to actually study. This class provides that opportunity 
Looking forward to the other courses being offered 
Thank you Rabbi for this excellent class!

"Thank you for the class. Some powerful videos
I actually lost sleep last night, I was so compelled by the class topic"

"I feel closer to Hashem and see answered prayers more frequently now"

"Class on Wednesday night was wonderful.  I have no doubt that the other five classes will be just as captivating and thought provoking. The topic is very thought provoking.  I realized Wednesday evening the steps I’ve taken  redefining my vision of Hashem and how important that is to my spiritual growth."

"I’m already looking forward to our class next week."

"I enjoyed your Wednesday class immensely"