Our amazing staff:


Aidel Zaklos: grew up in the heart of the Crown Heights Jewish Community, Chabad Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY. After receiving her teaching certification, Aidel has pursued her life-long passion to educate and inspire young children and has over 20 years of experience as a successful teacher, mentor, and program director in elementary school.


Sorele Brownstein was born and raised in Milan, Italy. The middle child of 17 siblings, Sorele moved to Pittsburg when she entered high school to continue her learning. Upon graduation she moved to Australia for a year before returning to Italy where she married her husband. Since 2003, she has been running Chabad of Davis CA, together with her husband, serving the community as well as the students and faculty at the University of California at Davis. Sorele has a passion for sharing the Jewish heritage, gourmet cooking, and raising her 9 sons and 1 daughter. She is a first time author of the moving novel, "The Gilded Cage-Queen Esther's Untold Story."

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