Rabbi Chaim and Aidel Zaklos

Rabbi Chaim , born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, studied in Yeshivas in New York, Israel, and Montreal, and received his Rabbinical Ordination from the Central Chabad Yeshiva. He has traveled on Chabad tours of duty in Ukraine, Estonia, and Croatia. For more than five years, Rabbi Chaim led services, presented educational seminars, and conducted community outreach across the United States, and served as an associate Rabbi at the Chabad Lubavitch of Midtown Manhattan & Naples Florida. In Solano County since 2009, Rabbi Chaim is the Jewish Chaplain at California Medical Facility and Volunteer Chaplain at Travis Air Force Base.

Rebbetzin Aidel [nee Blau] , grew up in the heart of the Crown Heights Jewish Community, Chabad Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY. After receiving her teaching certification, Aidel has pursued her life-long passion to educate and inspire young children and has over 20 years of experience as a successful teacher, mentor, and program director in elementary school.

Their sweet children: Mussia, Mendel, Menucha, Yosef, Chana, Cheyena, Mirel, Henna ka"h, also participate in classes, services, and activities at Chabad of Solano County.

Together, the Zakloses are a powerful team generating warmth and happiness to friends, families, and everyone they meet. With their warm smiles and non-judgmental approach, Rabbi Chaim and Aidel have successfully brought together a most vibrant community of Jews in Solano County.


Rabbi and Rebbetzin

Chaim and Aidel Zaklos



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Bernice Kaylin (posthumously)

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