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THANK YOU! WE DID IT! We raised $149,425 for Chabad of Solano County! Thank you to our generous matchers for making this a possibility, and a HUGE thank you goes to YOU for seizing the opportunity to do good.

Steve & Pat Harris, Bonnie Falk, Steve & Blanche Sillen

A loyal friend of Chabad of Solano

For the purpose of increasing Torah Study

Alex Mines, Larry & Susan Grossman, Shulamit Rosner, Al & Jeni Wise

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2020 Vision for Chabad Solano's 2nd Decade

Vision Statement

The Chabad Solano Center of Jewish Life means many things to many people. Open before 7 AM, 7 days a week, conveniently located in the heart of downtown Vacaville, it serves as a lighthouse emanating the warmth of Judaism throughout Solano County, illuminating the way for all through daily Prayers, Torah Study and Acts of Kindness done right.

The Chabad Center of Life 2.0

To some the Eric Alexander Fuchs YOUTH ROOM is a magical area to experience Jewish education - after school, during Services and Sunday mornings.  To others the awe-inspiring Judy Stein SANCTUARY is a most suitable place to pray with intention, in unison, daily, to enjoy a lecture or to view an inspiring film with comfortable “Theater” seating. To some the homey KITCHEN is an active place to pick up your kosher order, to drop in between work for a freshly cooked bite with “family”, to join a cooking class for any age, or for volunteers to bond over prepping for a Pop-Up Kosher Deli and Shabbat Take-Out. To others the Waldman Family SOCIAL HALL is a place of gathering and growth - to enjoy a bagel & lox breakfast while listening to Rabbi’s daily broadcast live, a warm spot in the afternoon to sip a cup of tea or soup & study and where elaborate luncheons are enjoyed on weekends, retreat style. To some it is a JUDAICA SHOP to others it’s the Sillen-Rubinestein LIBRARY for young and old  to browse and borrow books.  To some the Alfred Neufeld LOUNGE is a place to chat in times of joy and distress, pick up Challah on Friday, or watch continuous video footage 6 days a week. To others the Chyena and Meir Avtzon MIKVAH is a place for renewal & relaxation.

Indeed, there is little within the realm of outreach and education that is outside of the scope of this multidimensional center. Through the center and our dedicated supporters we are building a stronger, more vibrant community!

Visionary Friends Needed:

Chabad is dedicated to serving our community and beyond, and now we’re asking for your support to help us build a secure brighter Jewish future, together. For the next 30 HOURS ONLY every single dollar YOU give to Chabad Solano will be matched by a group of extraordinary visionaries to reach our goal of $144,000! Every Dollar you donate will be quadrupled! Thanks to our "matchers", we have been provided with a tremendous opportunity, an annual end of year Miracle Matching Challenge to help Chabad Solano continue to flourish and grow! Together and with G-d's help we can accomplish the miraculous and finally reach out ribbon cutting ceremony! DONATE NOW AND SHARE THE LOVE WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY! Maimonides says that every good deed, no matter how small, tips the scale of humanity toward goodness. Are you ready to make that difference?  Chabad of Solano Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation and federally approved 501(c) (3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.


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