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THANK YOU! WE DID IT! We raised $121,288 for Chabad of Solano County! Thank you to our generous matchers for making this a possibility, and a HUGE thank you goes to YOU for seizing the opportunity to do good.

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Dear Friends:

The importance of unity and unwavering support has been emphasized in these uniquely challenging times. We find solace in one another, seeking a safe Jewish harbor. For many Jews of Solano County, that sanctuary is Chabad.

We all keenly feel we are being called upon to serve, each in our own way and we cannot rest. We know that the world is a village. Strengthening Jewish life right here has an impact on the entire world. It has been a year of great movement for Chabad Solano. Thanks to your support, in addition to being able to mobilize for Israel, our programs are expanding rapidly, with a growing need for children's programming, making the centrality of our Jewish Center increasingly crucial.

As this year concludes, we turn to you, as we traditionally do, to seek your support in sustaining and expanding our ongoing activities for the coming year. From Shabbat and holiday meals to youth / adult education and special events, these endeavors form the bedrock of our Jewish Center. We appeal to you to dig deeper. In addition to our core programming, we urgently need support for three critical initiatives:

  1. Meeting the growing demand for quality Jewish childcare by establishing a vibrant Jewish daycare and preschool for children to thrive, learn, and embrace their heritage within the familiar and nurturing surroundings of our community hub.  This is in addition to growing the Hebrew school, summer camp, Mommy and Me, early care /after care drop off, and lifecycle celebrations for young ones. Throughout Jewish history we see that the children are the ones who have the power and strength to fight and conquer the enemy. 
  2. Developing the space behind the synagogue to construct a welcoming and safe environment dedicated to the memory of those we have lost in Israel.
  3. Strengthening the amazing network of Solano Jewish Women - our nurturers, educators and homemakers who keep the spirit strong. 

We have received tremendous feedback on the impact all these efforts are having on individuals and families, who feel embraced, supported, and inspired by the activities and leadership at Chabad Solano. Together we have brought much light and goodness into the world at this dark hour. 

Let’s not only continue the good we’ve been doing together – let’s increase it.

Can you help us reach our year-end fundraising goal of $120k? Every contribution brings us closer to creating a safe and strong future for us all.  It has always been wonderful watching everyone come together to meet our important goals.  Join us in making a difference today, ensuring that our Jewish Center continues to grow, moving from strength to strength.

With tremendous appreciation,
Rabbi Chaim and Aidel Zaklos

If you have any questions or would like to pledge in advance please respond to this email or call 707-592-5300.


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