CGI NorCal Leadership Camp Experience

A place and program where all the NorCal children of Rabbinic Families, orthodox families and those growing in observance can come together. We invest  talent, creativity, effort and resources to bring together children with love.

The goal of CGI NorCal is two-fold:

  • to deepen the children's appreciation for the freedom to live a life full of Torah and Mitzvot in comfort and beauty here in NorCal
  • to  inspire children to spread and strengthen Judaism amongst their peers with enthusiasm, to reach out as role models and leaders to one another and their fellow Jews.    

CGI Norcal began in 2018 (Prior CGI Solano County since 2010) and has earned a reputation as an outstanding Leadership Camp - physically and spiritually. The physical accommodations are beautiful and welcoming, the counselors are hand-selected from far and near including some of the best local teachers to lead the lessons. The food, trips, and nurture that the kids receive are generous and appreciated.   The creative activities and trips revolve around selected Torah lessons, as part of  a unique curriculum we build upon every year, selecting mitzvot that are agriculturally related and experiencing them hands-on, thus understanding them on a deeper level. A benefit is that these children can then start cultivating their talents to be contributing members in the near future to Norcal Jewish Life i.e. as a scribe, shochet, cook, dancer, artist, juggler, actor etc. We have found that all kids, the academically inclined and even the less studious kids, are enthralled by the learning experience. 

 The boy's camp runs for 3 weeks and the girls for 2 week -  Total of 5 weeks of camp. Utilizing all our resources we stride to provide sleeping accommodations and a full sleepover program for all those who cannot or will not make the daily commute. 


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