About NorCal Young Jewish Leader Training

Welcome to NorCal Young Jewish Leader summer program. Norcal Jewish Leader Training came to Vacaville in 2018, and to date over 40 children ages 6-13 have B"H enjoyed a rich and wholesome summer experience of meaningful hands-on learning and lots of camp spirit along with friendship in warm, vivacious Jewish atmosphere.  The Norcal Jewish Leader Training experience aims to strengthen body and soul, providing the children with routine and a comprehensive learning program implemented using a wide range of creative activities, workshops and field trips. 

Norcal Jewish Leader Training puts an emphasis on UNITY drawing children from all over Northern California, children of Shluchim, Anash and their community (Mekuravim).  This summer we are anticipating a generous rise in enrollment.  Norcal Jewish Leader Training's success is attributed to the input from all the enthusiastic camp parents who are put their heart and soul into camp. Our camp counselors are also assisted by Solano-born teenagers who had the privilege of attending Chabad overnight camp yearly, and they continue to learn along with our campers,  while assisting in leading the children in a variety of sports, Jewish themed art, songs, baking, story-telling, games, contests and drama;  There’s never a dull moment.  These are only some of the many benefits your child will iy"h enjoy. 

2020 Safety Plan:

Group Size: Campers will be placed in small and stable groups of 12 or less with the same counselor each day. We will do our best to keep groups separate. When indoors, groups will remain in separate rooms. In effort to maintain stable groups, campers must be enrolled for a the entire session.

Sanitization: Campers and staff will sanitize their hands upon entering camp and at different points throughout the day. Shared equipment will be sanitized to the best of our ability between groups. 

Symptoms:  Anyone displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 will not be permitted on premises. Campers and staff will have their temperatures taken daily. Anyone displaying an elevated temperature will be sent home and permitted to return to camp only upon testing negative for Covid-19. Should a camper or staff member test positive for Covid-19, we may have to terminate the camp session. Please inform us immediately if your child has c"v tested positive for Covid-19 or has come in contact with someone who has.

Food: As a safety precaution we will not be serving lunch this summer. Children are asked to bring their own kosher lunch and snacks in a disposable container. Children will not be permitted to share food with one another. 

CGI Indoors/Outdoors: Many activities will be taking place outdoors. Activities taking place indoors will be limited to one group of 12 or less in a room with a door open to allow for ventilation. Campers and staff of age 12 and above will be required to wear masks while indoors. 

Trips and Activities: Unfortunately, we will not be having offsite trips this summer with the exception of local parks and other walkable attractions including a beautiful swimming pool.  Parents will be asked to pick up their children from the attraction site so that children do not need to walk there and back.  We will not be providing transportation this year. If parents are willing to devote one day per session to drive their children on trips we will strongly consider including.  Staff are working overtime on a loaded schedule to compensate and give your child an exciting summer. 


Staff:  Our non-local staff will be quarantined prior to camp and will be monitored for symptoms of Covid-19. Local and non-local staff will have their temperature checked daily prior to entering our premises. Local-staff, such as professionals running activities, who will work with multiple groups (at different times) will be socially distancing themselves from campers and other staff to the best of their ability. 


Please note: our safety plan and policies may change in the event that standards are updated by the CDC, County of Solano's health order, and our local medical advisors.


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