Mayor Steve Hardy lights the first light of the menorah as Rabbi Chaim Zaklos cheers the effort Sunday during the fourth annual Menorah on Main celebration in Vacaville. (Robin Miller/[email protected])

Solano Jewish community marks Menorah on Main




Posted:   12/10/2012 01:05:43 AM PST



A crowd of about 100 people gathered together at Vacaville's Town Square Sunday to enjoy a festive celebration as Solano County's Jewish community marked the fourth annual Menorah on Main celebration of Hanukkah.Rabbi Chaim Zaklos greeted the crowd along with local elected dignitaries, calling the menhora a symbol of "freedom and democracy not only for Jews but for all humans throughout the world."

Supervisor John Vasquez and Vacaville Mayor Steve Hardy also welcomed the crowd and praised the community for coming together in acceptance and diversity.

"To have the freedom to come together like this is what makes America great," the mayor noted.

Rabbi Chaim Zaklos speaks to the crowd at Sunday's Menorah on Main celebration. (Robin Miller/[email protected])
Rabbi Zaklos agreed.

"We have a diverse crowd here ... but no matter what your polical or spiritual stripe, what we have in common outweighs our differences," he said. "Hannukkah represents that all it takes is one spark of light to overcome darkness." He urged those in attendance to be a force of light in their homes and community.

With that, the mayor and rabbi climbed the scaffold holding the 12-foot-tall steel menorah and lit the first lights of the eight-day holiday that began at sundown on Saturday.

The menorah will be mounted at the three-flags monument site to shine throughout the holiday, which commemorates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean revolt of the second century BCE, when the faithful Maccabees found they only had enough oil to light the temple lamps for one day, but instead it miraculously burned for eight days.

Jeremy the Juggler (aka Jeremy Schaffer) entertains the children at Sunday's Menorah on Main celebration. (Robin Miller/[email protected]