Memorial Wall


The Guaranteed Remembrance


Thanks to the generosity of Eddy & Yael Berenfus our Shul has acquired a Memorial Wall. The magnificent Memorial Wall offers dedication opportunities for your loved ones ensuring that a Yartzeit is never missed. For $500, your loved one's name will be displayed on a plaque. Each year during the month of the Yartzeit the flame near your loved one's name will be lit and will flicker in remembrance and kadish will be said at the time of Yartzeit.

In addition:
1. The Yartzeit will appear in our annual Jewish Art Calendar 
2. In advance of the Yartzeit each year a letter reminding of the Yortzeit will be sent to up to 5 family members and make available a free Yartzeit candle. 
3. Offer to dedicate Shabbat prayers and Kiddush

Click here to dedicate a plaque for a loved one.