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  • Mi Shebeirach

  •     If you would like our community to pray for healing for your loved one during weekly Shabbat services, please write the name of your loved one, including names of his or her parents in the spaces provided below.

        We would also appreciate your letting us know when your loved one is better (Thank G-d) so that he or she can be removed from the list. 

    A "mi shebeirach" is a public prayer or blessing for an individual or group, most often recited in synagogue when the Torah is being read.

    Because it is not an officially mandated prayer, there is a lot of room for creativity regarding whom to bless or how they can be blessed. Thus, there are mi shebeirachs for just about any person in need of some divine goodnessâ€"most notably those requiring healing.

    When we petition G‑d to bring blessing or healing, it is customary to do so in merit of charity pledged. So if you request that a mi shebeirach be said in your synagogue on someone’s behalf, make sure to give some charity as well (of course not on Shabbat).

    The prayer takes its name from its opening words, "mi shebeirach," "[May He] who blesses." The standard opening line reads, "May He who blesses our fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless . . ." and then continues with a personalized blessing.

    To learn more about Mi Shebeirach for ill males/females during the weekday or Shabbat, please click here .

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