Rabbis gather for conference in Vacaville


Posted:   07/05/2013 01:05:09 AM PDT

More than 30 rabbis and their families from all over Northern California will convene today in Vacaville.

The two-day conference at the Hampton Inn & Suites, which begins this afternoon and concludes Saturday evening, is a chance for the rabbis and their families, many of whom live in smaller communities, to meet colleagues, share ideas and inspire one another.

"In a sense, this is completing a circle," says Rabbi Chaim Zaklos, executive director of Chabad of Solano County and one of the conference organizers. "Exactly 36 years ago, in July 1977, an article appeared in the Vacaville Reporter of a rabbinical conference that took place in Vacaville."

Richard Rico: What comes next?


Posted:   07/07/2013 01:04:22 AM PDT

IF I can't be a fiddler on the roof, I'd at least like to be a fly on the wall at a conference of rabbis. More than 30 met at the Hampton Inn & Suites through yesterday to do what rabbis do, said Rabbi Chaim Zaklos, director of Solano Chabad. It was historic, but not the first. "July 1977, 36 years ago, an article appeared in The Reporter of a Rabbinical conference that took place in Vacaville," Zaklos said. Yes, I know, I wrote the story. I got a 2 a.m. call from Dr. Larry Wanetick, a neighbor, surgeon and father who wanted his children to experience traditional Judaism. There were Hasidic rabbis in his home, he said. "I thought you might be interested." I put on my pants and went over. Rabbis in traditional dress encircled the table. They chanted. talked, ate kosher and sang. Me too, but I didn't know what I was singing.

We talked beliefs and tradition! until sunrise. I went home with a head full of notes, but with no thought that 36 years later, rabbis might come to chant again.